Drug Rehab FAQ – Facts about Rehabilitation

Are Drug Rehabilitation Centers Effective?

While drug rehabilitation centers can be highly effective, the effectiveness of rehab centers depends on the rehab center that an individual chooses as well as their dedication to quit drugs.

Are Drug Rehab Expenses Tax Deductible?

The expenses incurred by staying at a drug rehab facility are tax-deductible, and they are considered medical expenses.

Are Drug Rehab Centers Free?

Drug rehab centers are not necessarily free, and many of them charge substantial fees.

What Is Drug Rehabilitation?

Drug rehabilitation is a medical intervention that involves helping an individual stop using a drug that they are psychologically and/or physically addicted to.

What Is A Drug Rehab Program?

A drug rehab program is any program that helps people stop using drugs.

Can An Individual Be Forced To Go To Drug Rehab?

In some cases, the court system will order an individual to attend drug rehab. This often is part of the sentence for a drug-related conviction. However, family members of someone suffering from drug addiction can file for a petition that requires that an individual attend drug rehab. In order for such a petition to be filed, the following things typically must be proven:

  • The individual has been proven to be addicted to drugs.
  • The individual has threatened themselves or others due to their drug abuse.

However, this can be difficult to prove if there are no hospital or police records that prove that the individual needs the services of a rehab center. If an individual has been shown to be unable to care for themselves or their family as a result of drug addiction, they could be forced into drug rehab. However, some states also require that there is no one who would willingly support the individual who is suffering from drug addiction.

Can Drug Rehab Take Place At Home?

In some cases, drug rehab can take place at home. However, if an individual is addicted to a drug that has potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms, detoxing at home isn’t typically possible. These are some other factors that go into determining whether or not rehab take place at home:

  • Whether or not the individual has a support system
  • If it will be easy for an individual to access their drug of choice when detox is being attempted at home

It’s important to consult a medical professional before you attempt to detox from drugs at home. If you try to detox at home, you might be prescribed medications that will reduce or eliminate withdrawal symptoms.

Do Rehab Facilities Accept Medicare?

Many rehab facilities accept Medicare, but this isn’t always the case. You’ll have to determine if the individual facility that you’re considering accepts Medicare.

Do Rehab Facilities Allow Cell Phones?

A few rehab facilities allow cell phones, but most of them don’t. You usually won’t be able to bring a computer or other electronic devices either.

Do Rehab Facilities Accept Insurance?

Many rehab facilities accept insurance, but many of them only accept certain types of insurance. Some rehab facilities do not accept any form of insurance at all. This can lead to significant out of pocket costs. Even if a drug rehab center accepts your insurance, you’ll almost always have to pay a co-pay or deductible. The specific amount that you’ll need to pay depends on your insurance policy.

Do Drug Rehab Centers Take Medicaid?

Some drug rehab facilities accept Medicaid. While drug rehab centers that accept Medicare and Medicaid can be a bit more spartan than ones that do not, they can still be highly effective rehab facilities.

Do Drug Rehab Centers Test For HIV?

Not all drug rehab centers test for HIV, but many of them do. Even if you go to a rehab facility that tests for HIV, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to be tested for the disease.

However, HIV addiction rates are extremely high among individuals who have been addicted to intravenous drugs. This is because individuals who use intravenous drugs sometimes share needles.

In addition, HIV tests can be ordered by a rehab facility if you request to be tested for the disease. Also, if you report experiencing symptoms that doctors at a drug rehab facility believe may be caused by an HIV infection, they will likely order tests for the condition.